Salt Itinerary

for voice, live electronics and multimedia unit (2003/06)

“Salt Itinerary” transcends theatrical and music conventions by introducing the New Op-Era concept created by Miguel and Paula Azguime.

Reflecting on art and madness, it revolves around languages, words as source of meaning and words as source of sound. Both are used as an extension of the body and melted in the construction of the staging – a tangible projection of words’ resonance through sound and image.

Live audio and video processing, diffusion of voice, poetry, gestures, music and drawings create a polyphony of senses and a counterpoint of meanings. Through moulding sounds, lights, pictures and movements, as if being drawn, painted or carved, “Salt Itinerary” is a powerful, engaging and challenging combination of music and drama by one performer, shaping new grounds in electronic music and breaking boundaries between music, theatre and opera.

”Salt Itinerary” is the end result of a creative project on writing – composing, poetic writing and designing of gestures – in which the voice is an extension of the poet-composer’s body and thought. “Salt Itinerary” is a symbiosis between the word’s essence and the evolution of a being, presented in form of a new dramaturgy (Electroacoustic Theatre or New Op-Era).

On stage, the composer and the poet, together in one person, lead us through an internal world, a personal itinerary called Salt – the same Salt that represents resistance, will, essence and multiplicity. Salt is an essential substance and a manifestation of knowledge and flavour. The itinerary, being certainly that of the artist, is at the same time the image and in the image of so many other itineraries, paths, exchanges, inspirations, discussions...


“Salt Itinerary”

Miguel Azguime

Miso Ensemble

Film directed by Perseu Mandillo


Miguel Azguime: writer, composer, performer

Paula Azguime: staging, video, live-electronics

Andre Bartetzki: video programming

Perseu Mandillo: video directing

miso records (mdvd001.07)