Alentour Allant Même

Alentour Allant Même  for  Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon, Horn, 2 Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Live Electronics 2003 · 2006

Program Notes:
With the same worries as in most of my work, Alentour Allant Même presents us a “sound strategy”, respectful of the nature of sound material, used as a model (acoustic and synthetic) for composition itself. The piece is built on a succession of harmony-timbres adrift between sound and noise, through an erosion process of the inside of chords, leaving the extreme regions (high and low) in evidence. The work’s first version was written in 2003 and was premiered by the Antipodes Ensemble from Basel. In 2006 I revised it thoroughly, changed the instrumentation and rewrote the electronic part. This final version was premiered in Casa da Música in November 2006 by OrchestrUtopica directed by Olivier Cuendet. Miguel Azguime “The questions regarding sound and timbre are for Miguel Azguime in evidence in his work Alentour Allant Même. These have always been present in his work and musical thought. His music is the expression of his own vision of the World, in which the composer is a unique and irreplaceable creator, whose human condition is inevitably a part of the destiny of the World. The creation of sound/musical objects is an act of poetry that seeks to unveil the “miracles” of sound. His music is therefore the result of a sound strategy, which implies the respect of the nature of the sound material as an object. Miguel Azguime applies an “electronic” thought, in the sense that his understanding of sound manipulation is already a sort of feedback from the electronic process. The idea of sound synthesis is applied as a sort of universal mathesis, both in his electronic and acoustic music.” copyright 2006, OrchestrUtopica